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The Directive will enter into force on the twentieth day following the date of its publication and the first reportable transactions will be those where the first implementation step occurs between that date and 1 July the date of application of the Directive — this could be within the next few months. Voir aussi : PwC Belgium Mr.

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Votre E-mail. E-mail du destinataire. DAC 6 requires tax intermediaries to report certain cross-border arrangements that contain at least one of the hallmarks that are characteristics or features of cross-border arrangements defined in the Directive.

It is common knowledge that the investment and business activities of Luxembourg companies often have a cross-border dimension. In all these cases, the question needs to be answered as to whether or not a particular piece of advice is reportable. Therefore, the potential reporting obligations under the mandatory disclosure regime will become an integral part of each and every tax analysis, impacting not only tax advisers but also lawyers, accountants and, ultimately, the investors themselves.

In this regard, the vague definitions and concepts used in DAC 6 for the determination of reportable cross-border arrangements can be unclear at times.

This conference aims at providing participants with a clear overview of the new mandatory disclosure regime and how to determine reportable arrangements in practice. Several presentations will be followed by a panel discussion during which professionals from different areas will share their views on and experience with DAC 6. Oliver R. Vous devez être connecté pour ajouter un commentaire.

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